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5 Things Where Minimalism Doesn’t Work

Living with less stuff can sometimes be both a blessing and a curse. There are times when you want to do something, maybe you want to build something, but you can’t because you lack a specific tool required. Or perhaps you want to bake something, like a pineapple upside-down cake, but you’re lacking a Bundt pan. […]

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8 House Sitting Questions with The New Nomads

House sitting is becoming an increasingly popular way of seeing the world, and our latest participant in our monthly 8 House Sitting Questions just happen to be citizens of the world. Coincidence? This month we’re featuring David and Diane Daniel, aka, the New Nomads. Check out their answers to our world famous questions! Names: David and […]

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Unplug From Social Media This Weekend!

Building an online brand isn’t easy. Quite the opposite, which is weird, because I’ve read like, a hundred or so articles stating things like “Learn How I made $100,000 in my first year blogging”. Definitely seeing more and more smoke and mirrors…I think what I’m trying to say is, we’re online.  A LOT! Time to unplug from […]

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The Sad but True Story of Justin Case

We all have that friend. You know, the one we’ve been friends with since we were wee lads (or lasses). You grew up together, scraped knees together, got drunk together, and at one point you probably fought one another. As time goes by, you start to learn you’re different from one another. You chat less, […]

man cave or cave man

What’s REALLY the Deal with a Man Cave?

I’ve never had a man cave. I’ve never even wanted a man cave, for that matter. To me, the term man cave seems silly and conjures up images of…well…a caveman. Most people know what a man cave is. It’s a place in the house that’s, evidently, designed for the “man”. A place of solitude. A […]