Kamloops Wine Tour with sellallyourstuff.com

A DiVine Kamloops Wine Tour

For the first few weeks in Kamloops it’s been all work and no play for us for the most part. We’ve been hitting the gym daily and working most of the day after that. So when an opportunity came to go on a Kamloops wine tour hosted by DiVine Tours, there’s no way we were going […]

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8 House Sitting Questions Along the Gringo Trail

This month’s edition of 8 House Sitting Questions we caught up with a couple we met while living in Panama; Clyde and Terry Coles from the good ole U.S. of A, and founders of the travel site: Along the Gringo Trail. One of the fun things about house sitting is you build a network of fellow […]

Keurig vs coffee maker by sellallyourstuff.com

What Happened to Regular Everyday Coffee?

Okay, warning. I’m going to go on a huge rant of semi-epic proportions. And with this rant you’ll take one of two sides in which you’ll say: YES! OMG! YOU NAILED IT! This guys an idiot. The people in group one are the people that will, obviously, agree with this. The people in group two…won’t. […]

Do you know what your stuff is worth?

Do You Know What Your Stuff is Worth?

Do you know what your stuff is worth? There’s a video circulating by the great Gary Vaynerchuk about making a profit from other people’s stuff by buying their yard sale items and flipping them for profit. And here’s another where he shows you just how easy it is to do: And yes, you could do as Gary […]

Bears in Banff National Park

Canada Road Trip: Day 6 – Cow Town to Kamloops

This is the part of the drive we’ve both been looking forward to – the Canadian Rockies. We’re pretty sure Blinky was looking forward to it too. Okay, Blinky is just a car and has no feelings, but still. We woke up and hit the road at 8am knowing we were going to make many stops […]

Saskatchewan Alberta border

Canada Road Trip: Day 5 – Toon Town to Cow Town

Well, we hit the road again after another happy house sitting customer. We looked after a five year old male rescue cat and he was a pretty cool dude. Prior to that we had one female cat and two dogs in East Saskatoon. I’ve never seen a cat enjoy belly rubs, but both cats at […]

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5 Fun, Fast, Free Things to do in Saskatoon

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to driving through the Prairies. Lucky for us we scored not one, but two house sitting gigs for two weeks in Saskatoon on our way to BC. This gave us something to look forward to in the Prairies, and boy did Saskatoon come through, not only with stuff […]

Delta Bessborough Garage Sale with sellallyourstuff.com

Wanna See the Best Yard Sale in Canada?

Hey, you came back for Part II, awesome! Or maybe this post went viral and you missed our secret discovery in Castle Delta Bessborough. Either way, welcome. Today I’m going to tell you about one of the coolest things I’ve seen a hotel do – and I’ve worked in a few hotels and stayed in […]

Delta Bessborough hotel in Saskatoon with sellallyourstuff.com

Huge Discovery at the “Haunted” Delta Bessborough

Remember when I said that as a professional house sitter, sometimes you can be homeless? It’s true, so you need to have a plan. During our cross-Canada road trip we were able to break things up with not one, but two house sits in Saskatoon. But between those two sits were two nights of potential homelessness. Lucky […]

baseball is a rich fan's game now.

When Did Baseball Become a Rich Fans Sport?

Major League Baseball is insanely rich. I mean stupid rich. Think about it, you’d have to be rich to buy a team in the first place!  Yup. Baseball is a rich man’s sport. And now, it’s a rich FAN’s sport, too! We’ve been baseball fans for quite some time. Our Toronto Blue Jays made an […]