Delta Bessborough hotel in Saskatoon with

Huge Discovery at the “Haunted” Delta Bessborough

Remember when I said that as a professional house sitter, sometimes you can be homeless? It’s true, so you need to have a plan. During our cross-Canada road trip we were able to break things up with not one, but two house sits in Saskatoon. But between […]

baseball is a rich fan's game now.

When Did Baseball Become a Rich Fans Sport?

Major League Baseball is insanely rich. I mean stupid rich. Think about it, you’d have to be rich to buy a team in the first place!  Yup. Baseball is a rich man’s sport. And now, it’s a rich FAN’s sport, too! We’ve been baseball fans […]

travel packing hack from

This Travel Packing Hack Totally SUCKS!

We’re getting better and better at this packing nonsense and have learned a travel packing hack or two. And we’re getting better and better at living out of a suitcase, although we don’t exactly enjoy it. We returned to Canada with pretty much nothing but […]

moksha yoga series of poses by

How Moksha Yoga Changed My Life

Typically, Al does the writing here, but occasionally I (Shelly/Cheli) like to put in my two cents. And today I’d like to tell you how Yoga helped me transition into the person I am today. I used to be a complete introvert. I used to get […]

emergency-preparedness for house sitters by

Emergency Preparedness for House Sitters

With the recent devastating forest fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, I thought I would write up a quick post about the importance of emergency preparedness for house sitters, and how you can help be prepared. As house sitters, we come into your home to […]

Drive from The Peg to Toon Town with

Canada Road Trip: Day 4 – The Peg to Toon Town

OMG. What an exhilarating drive from the Peg into Saskatchewan. I thought Day One and Day Two of our trip were going to be the highlight of the drive. Boy was I wrong! If you’ve never done this drive you’re completely missing out in a […]

Cross Canada Road Trip Day Three. TB to The Peg with

Canada Road Trip: Day 3 – TB to The Peg

Well that was somewhat of a boring drive, save the latter part of Ontario, which provided some picturesque lake scenery and some clear-cutting of pines and spruce trees. For the most part, the lakes were no longer frozen in this part of northern Ontario. But […]

Cross Canada Road Trip Day Two with

Canada Road Trip: Day 2 – The Soo to Thunder Bay

Let’s go on a fun journey, shall we? Imagine you’re basking in 90 degree heat with a warm tropical breeze cooling you off while the ocean’s waves crash against the shore, lulling you into a nice afternoon siesta as you rock back and forth in […]

Canada road trip: Day 1 with

Canada Road Trip: Day 1 – The Six to The Soo

Our cross Canada road trip began last week with a trip from Toronto (The Six) to Sault Ste. Marie (The Soo). We packed our bags, got Blinky some gas, and our cross Canada road trip was under way! Canada Road Trip: Day 1 Leaving the GTA […]

yard sale season

Yard Sale Season: 4 Things to Help ROCK Your Sale!

It’s that time of year – YARD SALE SEASON…HAZAA! Yup. Spring is in the air, and so is Yard Sale Season!!! If you’re from the southern US, you probably started your yard sale season back in February. Go a little further north and it probably […]