Don't celebrate Valentine's Day

Why We Don’t Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Hello to all the love-birds, matches-made-in-heaven, perfect couples, and Ashley Madi-sinners out there. Question – what are you doing this February 14th (aka Valentine’s Day)? Are you buying flowers for your lady? Maybe some chocolates? Or perhaps she has hinted for some nice jewelry? Happy Valentine’s Day Scam Day! For […]

lottery winners

My letter to the Powerball Lottery Winners

Dear Powerball lottery winners, Hi there. My name is Al. First and foremost, congratulations. Your life will never be the same. I’m not poor, and I’m not rich. And I don’t want your money. I just want you to think about all that money you have and what you could […]

worst investment i ever made

The Worst Investment I Ever Made

When my wife and I moved to Panama we bought bicycles almost immediately. We rode to town every few days to get groceries and go to Spanish class. At times it was fun, but more often it was terribly humid. And if you’re thinking “but it was exercise”. No. It […]

Stick man in a hammock

How I Made $10,000 by Selling All My stuff

Hi there! Do you like money? I know I do. I mean, really, who doesn’t, right? Do you want to make some more money but aren’t sure how? There’s something so simple that you can do and you can start doing it today – and no, it’s not growing your own money […]