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Making Predictions a Reality in Europe

Europe was never really on my bucket list. Actually, I don’t even have a  bucket list. Sometimes I do something then think to myself “hmm, that should’ve been on some sort of list of things I’d like to do before I die”. And oddly enough, the cover of my book; Sell All Your Stuff and Travel, somehow predicted where I’d visit in Europe. Oh, btw, you should grab a copy today because not only was that drawing way before it’s time, it’s also a fun read!

Okay, rewind a few years ago. I wrote Sell All Your Stuff and Travel, and came up with an Eiffel Tower and Alpine scene as they’re both a) easy to draw and b) European landmarks people would recognize. As luck would have it, my first trip to Europe was to Geneva (the Alps) and I also took a road trip to Paris (just a five hour drive from Geneva). I was inadvertently making predictions a reality on my virgin visit across the pond.

Anywho, psychic abilities aside. One of the highlights of that trip (aside from being in the thick of the Yellow Vest Protests) was a mini road trip I took with a coworker.

As luck would have it, my coworker likes to seek out unique experiences too when travelling. Prior to our trip I had a few places book-marked. So when we had half a day free we drove from Geneva, Switzerland to Chamonix, France for some epic views of the European Alps — specifically Mont Blanc — the tallest peak in the European Alps.

Our luck seemed to end there, though. None of the cable-cars were running to any of the surrounding peaks and the popular ice caves were also closed. That was pretty disappointing for me as I really do like caving. And to throw a little salt on the wound, La Jonction, a place to sit and have a beer on a patio overlooking a glacier seemingly a few feet away, was inaccessible due to an avalanche.

But all that didn’t matter because it just gave us more time. Time for my coworker to close a deal on the streets of Chamonix, France. Time for me to learn the above facts about closures. And in the end, time for us to drive to northern Italy for an epic dinner!

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The day started with breakfast in Switzerland — a mix of cheeses, meats, and tasty breads (along with croissants) is always a nice way to start the day. Throw in a charcuterie lunch with figs, more cured meats, more cheese and more bread in the French Alps and your day has almost peaked. But to end it with a drive into Italy for some amazing pasta, wine and super-friendly Italians,  well,  my three meals in three countries in one day was an amazing experience I don’t think I could have ever predicted!

Now go sell all your stuff and make your predictions reality!



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