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Minimalist lifestyle = chill

*WARNING* Living a minimalist lifestyle may increase risk of: joy, exhilaration, freedom, relaxation, regularity, happiness, excitement, travelling more, having fun, experiencing more, making new friends, reduced stress, feeling “lighter”, caring less about material possessions. 

Not gonna lie, after realizing we are “minimalists”, calling ourselves “minimalists” sounds a little pretentious at times. So we prefer to say that we live a minimalist lifestyle rather than using a label.

But our tale is different than many others using the “minimalists” label. Over the course of a year we:

  • sold all our stuff
  • moved abroad
  • became house sitters
  • started traveling more

In doing all of the above we had to lighten our load a few times. With a minimalist wardrobe that would put some “minimalists” to shame, and not having an actual home, we know a thing or two about living a minimalist lifestyle.

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Being a “minimalist” isn’t about passing judgement on what a “Minimalist” is or should be. We just like to offer advice to people looking to do more stuff with less stuff. After all, stuff holds you back!

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Now go sell all your stuff!




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