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9 Minimalist Sandwiches That Make Quick Meals

I’ll be completely honest – I’m not one for cooking epic meals. I can do two things; make a pretty kick-ass breakfast fry-up, and I can make a pretty tasty sandwich. This got me thinking about something – a blog post about minimalist sandwiches! Many households will either have or will shop for the items below on a regular basis, so these minimalist sandwiches should be pretty easy to make, and made pretty quickly too.

#1. The PB & J

This is probably the most timeless of any of the minimalist sandwiches below. Sadly, there’s a growing number of kids who are allergic to nuts, so more and more kids are becoming deprived of this classic and easy-to-make sandwich. But when you do indulge you can use almost any flavor of jam/jelly, too. Strawberry is my favorite, what’s yours?

minimalist sandwiches - PB and J
What’s your fave jam to go with PB?

Take it to the next level: It’s kind of like Quiznos says; Toasted tastes better! When you have a toasted PB & J, the PB goodness oozes out and drips on your fingers. Sure, kinda messy, but it’s also oh-so good. But don’t get carried away, toasting is only good once in a while.

#2. The PB & Banana

Okay, first some guidelines; the banana can’t be too ripe (mushy), or too unripe (bitter) for that matter. Other than that, it’s fairly straight forward – spread some PB on both pieces of bread, then slice a banana however you want – lengthwise, into discs, whatever. Put it all together and scarf it down.

Take it to the next level: Add raisins, or put a layer of hazelnut spread (like Nutella) on there. These ones can be used in wraps too if you’re too lazy to slice the banana! Just spread PB on one half, Nutella on the other half, place banana in the middle and wrap it up!

#3. Grilled Cheese

Butter, cheese, bread and a frying pan. The comfort food of all comfort foods – just don’t forget the ketchup dip!

minimalist sandwiches - the grilled cheese
Comfort food at its finest!

Take it to the next level: Add bacon, of course! But if you’re vegetarian then try some other types of cheese other than Cheddar, like Edam, Havarti or a spicy Pepper Jack. And if you’re in a cool climate, serve with a bowl of your favorite soup (we recommend tomato).

#4. Tomato Cucumber

Pretty easy to make this one, and one of the healthier minimalist sandwiches listed here. Depending on the bread you choose this could also be a vegan sandwich. Slice up some tomato, slice up some cucumber, dash of salt and pepper to taste. Place between your choice of bread and favorite spread (hummus, avocado, mustard) and your vegan taste buds are in vegan heaven.

Take it to the next level: Toast it and use cream cheese spread – better yet – an avocado, add some healthy lettuce, and instead of dashing salt and pepper to taste try Montreal Steak Spice…Hello!

#5. Egg Salad

Hard boil some eggs (and peel of course), mix in some mayo, put it on your bread. Done. Great for road trips, especially when crossing a border. The fart-smell of hard-boiled eggs is enough for any customs agent to wave you through in seconds, with few questions asked. That’s speaking from experience 🙂

minimalist sandwiches - the egg salad
Egg Salad – gets us through customs quickly every time!

Take it to the next level: Add some celery and try it open-faced on a toasted bagel with some paprika dashed on top.

#6. Chopped Chicken

I love chicken. As my wife’s grandmother used to say – I could eat chicken til the cows come home! Back in my 9-to-5 days we would cook up 4-5 chicken breasts on Sunday, and each night I would dice some up and mix our chopped chicken for the next day’s lunch.

Take it to the next level: Instead of binding it with mayonnaise try hummus and add some healthy avocado as well. And instead of a sandwich, try it in a wrap with some other veggies like cucumber, alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, and my favorite secret additions: mango or pineapple!

#7. Tuna Sandwich

Good ole reliable tuna sandwich. Can of tuna. Mayo. Mix. Munch.

Take it to the next level: Use some relish or chop up a pickle to mix in with the mayo, or add some mustard and dill. Toast your bread and open-face that bad boy. Next, slap a slice of your favorite cheese on top and put it under a broiler to melt the cheese. Mmmm. Tuna Melt madness.

minimalist sandwiches - tuna melt
Someone knows how to make a tuna melt!

#8. Toasted PB and Bacon

My favorite of any of these minimalist sandwiches! Only one way to make this Tasty Tasterson…Spread some PB love on both pieces of toast, add some cooked bacon (dry off any grease), slice that sandwich up on the diagonal and enjoy!

minimalist sandwiches - the PB and Bacon
Two words: Bay. Con.

Take it to the next level: Really? It’s PB and Bacon! That’s like, a level above any level.

Take all your minimalist sandwiches to the next level: If you have a panini press (or George Foreman Grill) then any of the above can be made to taste a little more awesome by grilling them. Keep in mind you’ll most likely be adding a few calories to it by doing so. And if you do have a grill/sandwich maker, here’s a bonus:

Bonus: #9. The Pizza Sandwich

Ever have leftover spaghetti or pizza sauce. Or have a small can sitting around inching closer to the expiration date? Spread it on some bread. Add some mozzerella and some salami, then grill that Italian masterpiece up in your sandwich maker!

Take it to the next level: I like mushrooms on my pizza, and pineapple. And olives. Give it a try. Don’t add too many though, your sandwich bread isn’t pizza dough. And spruce up that sauce with some oregano or Italian seasoning.

And there you have it, a list of 9 easy to make minimalist sandwiches. So next time someone in your house says “what’s for dinner”, send them this link and say “minimalist sandwiches – and make me one too while you’re at it!”

Now go sell all your stuff and eat!


16 thoughts on “9 Minimalist Sandwiches That Make Quick Meals”

  1. My fav jam for PB & J is raspberry, blueberry, apricot…oh damn any jam is good. My twist on egg salad is to add a dash of curry powder to the mix and it is very good. Now I am hungry. LOL

    1. Yeah, blueberry is a treat for sure! That’s an awesome idea for the egg salad, Lynn. And we have some boiled eggs ready too. I think I know what we’re having for lunch!

  2. You forgot the onions in the egg salad sandwiches. Not the same without the onions.
    And tuna salad has to have celery and lots of pepper.
    But that’s just me!

    1. Onions make me burp. Good suggestions on the tuna…oh, and ask Gordie if we can have tuna sandwiches next time we see ya, would love to see his reaction!

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