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8 House Sitting Questions with a Burger Abroad

This month’s edition of 8 House Sitting Questions we caught up with a solo house sitter; Amanda “Tasty” Burger from the United States of America, and founder of the travel site: Burger Abroad. Please note, “tasty” is just a nickname I added because of an inside joke my wife and I have, […]

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Can You Live in the US on $30 a Day?

Can a couple live in the US on $30 a day? We did! Read on to find out how… For starters, the best way this “live in the US on $30 a day” budget works is to use cash.  We got used to using cash while living in Panama after years of using debit/credit […]

House Sitting Questions with Sell All Your Stuff

8 House Sitting Questions with The Journal of Nomads

It’s back! We made some more friends online and decided to ask them if they’d like to answer our 8 House Sitting Questions, and they said ‘yes’, amazing how the internet works. This month we feature a couple of younglings; Cynthia from Belgium and Niko from Canada. Both work together […]

between house sitting gigs

Homeless? What To Do Between House Sitting Gigs

We’ve been participating in some podcast interviews lately and one of the consistent questions among all of them is for us to explain house sitting; moreover, what we do between house sitting gigs. I tend not to pull a Red Hot Chili Peppers and…give it away, give it away, give […]

Anti Black Friday

Black Friday Freebies For Anti Black Friday

Guess what – Black Friday is coming and it will be another brutal shopping day in the USA. And we just don’t understand it. So we’re going to offer some Anti Black Friday freebies to help people cope. Sure, there are probably some great deals on stuff. But pushing, shoving, […]

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How Life With Less Stuff Has Given Us More!

One thing a lot of people fail to mention about house sitting is that sometimes when you complete one house sit, you’re homeless before the next one begins. Luckily for us Shelly won three free nights at Gran Pacifica Resort in Nicaragua by simply filling out a survey and winning […]

House Sitting Questions with Sell All Your Stuff

8 House Sitting Questions with The Travelling Weasels

Here’s another installment of our 8 Questions. This week we hear from Tanbay and Laura, the Travelling Weasels, and their adventures in house sitting. So kick back and enjoy their story… Name: Tanbay and Laura Age: 20’s Hails from: Germany and the UK, respectively And now for the 8 questions: Question #1. How/When […]

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8 House Sitting Questions with The Hermit Crab

We have started a new feature here at Sell All Your Stuff. One of the great things that selling all our stuff allowed us to do was to become house sitters (and travel much lighter). In this new feature, we ask fellow house sitters eight house sitting questions related to […]

Become a house sitter

Do You Want to be a House Sitter, Or a Professional House Sitter?

It’s amazing how the subject of being a Professional House Sitter intrigues people so much. People often ask us “How do I become a house sitter?” Well, do you want to be a house sitter, or a professional house sitter? Because there’s a difference. Becoming a house sitter is easy, just […]