30 dollar bill by sellallyourstuff.com

Can You Live in the US on $30 a Day?

Can a couple live in the US on $30 a day? We did! Read on to find out how… For starters, the best way this “live in the US on $30 a day” budget works is to use cash.  We got used to using cash while living in Panama after years of using debit/credit […]

St. Augustine Road Trip

Our St. Augustine Road Trip to Remember

Well, we’re back in North America, so we decided to rent some wheels and do something we haven’t done in a while…we went on a road trip! And here’s part I of our journey, our St. Augustine road trip. I love North America for this. Road trips are one of my […]

Savannah food tour

One of the Best Food Experiences in America

In case you haven’t noticed, we like to promote spending time and money on experiences instead of stuff, so in this post, I’m going to tell you about one of the best food experiences we’ve ever had on a recent road trip to Savannah – the First Squares Food Tour by the Savannah […]

Sell All Your Stuff and Travel

Want to Sell All Your Stuff and Travel?

Wow! What a weekend we had giving away our copies of Sell All Your Stuff and Move Abroad, and Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter. Almost 700 copies were downloaded, so hopefully we get some Amazon review love in return; moreover, we hope more and more people […]

Chocolate Therapy at Mansion de Chocolate

A Sweet Day at Mansion de Chocolate

Last week we had a bit of a time. And I don’t mean the kind of time that Newfie Donny Dumphy sings about in Havin’ a Time. I mean it was a rough week. But we regrouped, hiked up our socks, got back on the horse, and cliché’d our way […]

house sitting questions

8 House Sitting Questions with The Hermit Crab

We have started a new feature here at Sell All Your Stuff. One of the great things that selling all our stuff allowed us to do was to become house sitters (and travel much lighter). In this new feature, we ask fellow house sitters eight house sitting questions related to […]

Stick Man Making Money

How to Sell Everything You Own

This guest post is from another stuff-less couple from California who cashed in on their couch, cars, and cachi-bachi to do what they love – travel. Just more proof that other people are selling everything and living a minimalist lifestyle to do the things they love to do. Pay attention to […]