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We work with companies in many sectors, but we focus on hospitality, travel and tourism, moving and relocating, and all with a minimalist lifestyle approach. Less is more for us.


Do you have a unique property, service, tour, event, or minimalist related product? If so, we’d love to work with you and your brand. We don’t just want a free ride, we want something people would cross off a bucket-list. A free night at your hotel would be great, but what makes your hotel unique, desirable, and something that people would want to experience and stay at?

Some of our gracious hosts include:

The Delta Bessborough – Saskatoon, SK, Canada

DiVine Tours – Kamloops, BC, Canada

Casa Lajagua Boutique Hotel – Pedasi, Panama

Mansion de Chocolate – Granada, Nicaragua

Savannah Taste Experience – Savannah, Georgia

Charlotte Brews Cruise – Charlotte, North Carolina

Still Point Wellness – Asheville, North Carolina

One of the best things about hosting us; you get a stick-man drawing for your company (if that’s not reason enough we don’t know what is!)


Oh my goodness, just the thought of public speaking sends people into a tizzy…not us. And Al has even performed stand-up comedy in front of an actual audience, not just stuffed animals!

Our speaking engagements focus on a minimalist lifestyle, promoting life with less stuff and the experiences you can…well…experience! We start with how (and why) we sold all our stuff, what it can do for you both mentally and physically, and we share some of the life experiences we’ve enjoyed since we sold all our stuff and how you can get started on your minimalist journey.

PRODUCTS (or as we call it…”stuff”)

While “minimalists” strive for living with less stuff, we do still have to make purchases. But our purchases are often well thought-out rather than spur of the moment National Enquirer Magazine-type impulse buys. But if you have a product you feel would benefit a minimalist lifestyle, such as efficient luggage, a Batman like utility belt, environmentally friendly clothing, compact exercise equipment, or a folding bicycle for example, then we’d love to take your product for a spin and see if it would fit a minimalist lifestyle. And if you caught those two intended puns, then we’ll throw in a free pun when reviewing your product – hard to resist, right!


Do you enjoy our cute, lovable, minimalist stick-man drawings? Hosts receive a minimum of one stick man drawing included in sponsored posts – and if we’re wowed, we sometimes add infographics too, like the Moksha Yoga series of poses.


Both Shelly and Al have extensive working experience in the hospitality and tourism field. Here are some past employers who’ve enjoyed the pleasure of our employ:

ExpArea_4Logosholiday inn
BIHparadise lodge

Please Contact us to chat about hosting, minimalist products, or speaking engagements, and while you’re here, download our Media Kit, it’s full of great…stuff!


Shelly and Al of Sell All Your Stuff
Shelly, Al, and Taco the Latino Wonderdog!

Want to put a voice and personality to our pics? Here are just a few of the many podcasts we’ve recorded:

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