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We are Shelly and Al McCullough and back in 2014 we made a huge change in our life. We sold all our stuff, quit the cubicle, and moved from Canada to Panama.

We were never the type to accumulate a lot of stuff, and we often had yard sales just to purge stuff we no longer used and/or wanted. Every spring and fall we would go through our closets and figure out what stuff we didn’t wear so we could donate it and get rid of stuff.

Prior to our move, we sold EVERYTHING. And after a year of living abroad an opportunity presented itself for us to travel. So we sold everything…AGAIN!

And all that stuff brought us here. SellAllYourStuff.com was created to help others that want to lead a minimalist lifestyle. We promote spending money on life experiences rather than material possessions. With eBooks, worksheets, and firsthand experiences galore, you may want to start selling your stuff right away!

You don’t have to move abroad or travel, but you’ll find that if you sell all your stuff, or even just some stuff, then you’ll be able to do more stuff with less stuff.

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“The things you own ends up owning you”. – Tyler Durden, Fight Club.

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Now go sell all your stuff!


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog so far! Great graphics too, definitely adds value to the read! Just starting to think about simplicity and owning less stuff. Thanks.

  2. I like your site! And y’all are so right — holding on to so many material possessions can just weigh you down. What are your thoughts on Tiny Houses?

    –Rachel @ Tidy&Teal

    1. Thanks Rachel. We’re definitely about doing more with less. We like aspects of Tiny Houses, mainly how organized and multi-functional they are. But we’re also in check with our own reality and know we could never live in one for a long period of time with our current lifestyle…we’d probably kill each other ;). That being said, I do catch myself looking at tiny house plans every now and again!

  3. Great meeting you in Panama! Love the concept. Be sure to come visit Promises – calle 74, San Francisco Golf Plaza (enter from via Porras) and add Promises Panama to your networks as well. It would also be fun to have you visit our marina (Linton Bay Marina in Puerto Lindo, Colon). Boaters tend to be minimalists by nature of limited space. Cheers!!!

  4. I am a little late to catching up on what you are doing…I was reading your blog when you were still in Canada, making plans. (I don’t know if I ever shared with you the experience I had trying to make your roasted red pepper soup in a crock pot, in a rented house, on Isla Ometepe…as it turns out, the nest of ants inside the crockpot objected strongly to my experiment). I am happy to see you started your adventures, and look forward to reading more about them! ~ Valerie (from hereswhatsgoingon.wordpress.com)

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