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The Only Way to Declutter Your Closet!

It’s that time of year – you go to work with a spring jacket and pants on, then come hometime, you’ve cut those pants into shorts using the company guillotine – pockets exposed of course – and your jacket is tied around your waist as you do your best version of adult-ing Grunge style! But this time of year also offers the perfect opportunity to declutter your closet and purge those clothing items you don’t wear, won’t wear, or for whatever reason – can’t wear!

Depending on where in the world you’re located this opportunity to declutter your closet may have varying levels of purge-ness. For us, we take stock of those winter clothes we’ll no longer need. During the days when we were stationary and had our own closet to store stuff, we often moved winter clothes to another closet to make room for our summer duds. Part of the process was assessing the winter clothes we didn’t wear that season, or wore sparingly. This past winter was a bit unique for us – it’s the first time we needed winter attire in three years, so we begrudgingly purchased some at a Thrift Shop (actually, thrift shopping is quite fun when you find barely worn name brand clothes for $10).

At the same time, when we brought the summer duds back into the mix we took the chance to purge some more by assessing those summer clothes the same way we did the winter ones. And YOU can easily declutter your closet in similar fashion (get it, wardrobe…fashion…BOOM – still got it). Do you have any t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and/or swimsuits you either won’t wear or they’re past their best before date? If so, it might be time to toss, donate, or turn those clothes into some cleaning rags. Better yet, check out this video below by Spanky Valentine on what to do with those old t-shirts.

We had small closets, so maybe it was a tad easier for us to purge each season as we moved stuff to and fro. But even if you have a walk-in closet, you’re still able to see all the stuff you’re hiding in there, so let some of your stuff come out of the closet!

You don’t need a course on how to declutter your closet, or a 200 page book, an app, movie, YouTube video, or otherwise. The above is three paragraphs on what you need to do. But all you REALLY need to do is to take a page from the Nike handbook and Just Do It. So go put on your big girl/boy panties and – as they say in the south – gitter’ done!

Now go sell all your stuff and declutter your closet!


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