We Joined the Mile High Club…TWICE!

I’ve been flying a lot recently, mostly within North America with a sprinkle of oceanic flights here and there. I mainly fly solo, but on a recent work trip my wife was able to join me, and when that happens we like to make the best of things. And by best of things, I mean creating memorable experiences.

As luck would have it I was able to fly to Vegas, then Denver for work. Two places I’ve never been but always wanted to go. I didn’t get lucky in Vegas, in fact, I’m not much of a gambler. I think I tried a slot machine and wasted $20. And that’s $20 American, which for a Canadian is like a gazillion dollars — or at least it feels like it.

After some work in Vegas it was off to Denver, the Mile High city. When I arrived I was able to connect with some friends we made during our time in Panama. We had some drinks, went for dinner, and just caught up on life.

That weekend my wife was able to join me and we had a few items on our Denver bucket list.

  1. Coors Field for a ball game and a sunset.

  2. Check out Red Rocks Amphitheater

  3. Do something else fun and awesome and up our alley (see below). 

Our first night took us to Coors field where we saw an epic sunset, splurged on a $22 rum and Coke — and that’s $22 American, so for a Canadian that feels like I should have received some land with cattle or something.

Day two we ventured over to Red Rocks for a hike, drove into Golden, and just enjoyed the scenery. Later in the day I was able to visit a friend I grew up with. He moved to Denver many years ago, and was someone who reached out to me when we moved to Panama, saying it was really cool what we were doing. It was great to meet his family and just catch up on life.

Those who follow us know we enjoy water spas, so we decided to visit a Banya. It came highly recommended on Google, and afterwards I noticed the plethora of photos of athletes and celebs that have also experienced this Banya.image of post Banya

So what’s a Banya? Total awesomeness.

Our treatment started with a dip in the hot tub for 10 minutes, followed by a 30 min massage.

Next up was our first sauna – a 10 minute heat experience where they slap you with scented birch twigs.

After the first Banya came more massaging, then a repeat of the Banya experience but with a slight twist…

Ten minutes into the second Banya and I’d had enough. I was hot and ready to get out – I was literally at my boiling point. But then the twist came – our Banya therapist (if that’s what they’re called) brought in a bucket of water and just doused us with cool refreshing water. So awesome!

Fully relaxed, we opted for a nice refreshing beer at a taco place across the road.

Our last day we went for a bike ride, walked the streets, and basically took it easy.

Between the $22 rum and Coke induced awesomeness of a Rockies sunset and ball game, hiking Red Rocks, our first ever Banya, catching up with friends, my meat-induced coma of a Brazilian Steakhouse, our first mile high experience was one to remember.

“But what about the time you joined the mile high club…twice?

Uhh..okay…if you really want to know about how we joined the mile high club…twice, here it is:

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Ipso facto…we joined the mile high club twice! What kind of mile high club were you thinking about?

Now go sell all your stuff and join the mile high club (once, twice, or thrice, up to you)


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