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Sell it or Just Donate it

I know I promote selling your stuff and doing something epic, something different, something new and exciting, or just taking that money and spending it on an enjoyable and memorable life experience.  The act of selling all my stuff allowed me to do more. In reality, OWNING less stuff meant DOING more stuff. But there are times when — dare I say it — I don’t want you to sell your stuff at all.

Now, in the act of selling all my stuff I was in Facebook groups, craigslist, eBay, and hosted many, many, many yard sales. So I did try to make a buck wherever possible. Hey, I was trying to fund my early retirement at 37! When all else failed, though, I ended up doing what many people should start out doing…

Just donate it!

During our days of “stuff”, every spring we would bring out the summer clothes and put away the winter clothes. And in the fall, we would swap the summer shorts for winter sweaters, long johns, and ugh…socks. During that process, we would always take inventory of stuff we no longer wore — for whatever the reason. Then we’d put said stuff in a bag and take it to the Salvation Army drop off.

Also in previous years, we had things that were gifted to us or stuff we purchased (likely on a whim) that we didn’t use — for whatever reason. We’d start with a pile of stuff in a closet, then maybe a small corner of a room. And when we were ready, we’d pack that stuff up and take it to the Salvation Army drop off.

Sadly, I’ve noticed a trend — more so on Facebook Marketplace. People are trying to sell anything and everything. I saw a dude selling a pallet (skid) for $5. You have to be pretty un-resourceful to NOT find someone giving those away. Drive around your town’s industrial area and you’re bound to find a pile of them with an accompanying “free skids” sign. So trying to sell that $5 skid isn’t worth the time put in to purchase it, let alone the sellers time to post it online. I know my time is worth more than $5 to sell on item online. So what do you do? Just donate it!

I’ve also seen people unscrupulously trying to sell a popular IKEA side table for $10 (used), when that very same IKEA side table costs $10 new. Trying to get full value returned on a used item is okay for antiques and memorabilia or collectibles, but on cheap IKEA furniture? That’s pretty lame. I mean hey, points for trying I suppose, but for me, I’d…Just donate it!

Broken items, useless items (hello old-school TV cabinets and hutches), and much more stuff is cluttering up Facebook Buy and Sell groups. Used adult clothing? Books? I’ve seen it all, and tried it all too. And guess what I did with those items. Just donate it!

Sometimes, donating is where some people need to start the process. Rather than cluttering up your house with stuff you might sell, just get rid of it. Just donate it. You’ll feel better, and others won’t have to see your useless crap in their social feeds! Heck, you may even feel better after donating your stuff than you would selling it!

Now go sell all your stuff…but try donating it first! 


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