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How to Make Money and Maximize Your Yard Sale Sales – Secrets Revealed!

Selling stuff is fun. I wouldn’t have started this site if I didn’t enjoy both selling stuff, and talking about selling stuff. When you start selling stuff – be it online or at a yard sale – you really do feel lighter. Don’t believe me? Try it then. Sell a bunch of stuff. But before you attempt your first…uh…attempt selling stuff, there are some things you should know about how to maximize your yard sale sales!

When I was young, we had a few yard sales. One was a HUUUUGE yard sale. My aunt brought a bunch of stuff, we sold a bunch of stuff, made a few bucks, and my aunt left a bunch of stuff. Which brings the question – what do you do with leftover stuff?

Many years later when I was heading off to school, my mother put our house up for sale and downsized to a condo. So we had a moving sale. Everything (almost) needed to go. So we had another yard sale and made a few bucks. And we (okay, just me) have a funny story about a fridge we sold to a future girlfriend’s dad.

Fast forward my life to the early 2000’s when my wife and I bought a house. We decorated the house as we saw fit, and somehow accumulated knick-knacks and paddywhacks. We wanted less clutter, so we decided to have our first yard sale – but what should we sell and for how much?

Jump forward to 2014, we’d had a few of our own yard sales and were pretty confident in how to maximize sales and prepare. But 2014 was a big year. We were selling everything to move to Panama. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. We decided to have an estate sale, followed by smaller-scale yard sales. We haggled. We listened to neighbor’s stories. We didn’t waste our entire day or weekend. We made over $10,000 selling all our stuff.

So, how can you learn all there is to know so you can have a successful yard sale and maximize your yard sale sales?

Simple. Spend one dollar!

For WAY less than a cup of small coffee at Starbucks or Timmy Ho’s, you can snag a copy of my new eBook; How to Have a Kick Ass Yard Sale.

Seriously, it’s only a buck for this tell-all eBook.

In less than 15 pages you’ll learn some quick tips and tricks to make your yard sale go smoother than peanut butter on wonder bread (not chunky peanut butter though).

And you’ll either lol, rofl, lmao, or maybe just smile as I entertain with my usual wit and pop-culture references. Trust me, you’ll enjoy this fast and fun read, so go on over to Amazon or Gumroad (PDF) and snag a copy!

Amazon/eReader PDF


Now go sell all your stuff at your Kick Ass Yard Sale!


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