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Looking for a Minimalist Secret Santa Gift for that Special Coworker?

So your office is having a gift exchange (aka; Secret Santa) and you’ve decided to ditch your minimalist ways and participate in said event. Good for you, you’re a team player! But the question is, what do you get that special workplace coworker you’ve said all of three words to during your four years at the company? And more important, how do you show off your minimalist prowess and find them an ideal minimalist secret Santa gift anyone could enjoy?

Fear not my minimalist secret Santa elves, we have a few items (with convenient and money-grabbing Amazon links) to some swell minimalist gift ideas for your office Christmas/Hanukkah/Fstivus party. Most workplaces have a spending limit, usually in the $10 to $20 range, so let’s stick with gifts that fall in that price range.

Help them Save the Planet

We just recently got these Abeego Bee Wraps and they’re super-cool and super-better-for-the-environment. Really though, these are a great item — they replace saran wrap and parchment paper when storing perishable food items, like cheese, or half an avocado. They’re said to last a year, are environmentally friendly, and help keep plastic like saran wrap from the landfills.

Give them Soft Lips

Winter’s coming. NO, winter is here, and so are dry, chapped lips. Do a coworker a solid and give the gift of smooth lips with this enviro friendly lip balm by Hurraw! You never know, you could find yourself under the mistletoe with them later on (if fishing off the company pier is permitted). This lip balm is pretty cheap too, so get two, one for them and one for you!

Get them a handy-dandy special

That being a multi tool of course! This could be a Victoriaknox, or an el-cheapo special. Multi-tools are great for—well—anywhere! Keep one in the car, a toolbox, a cooler, or in a purse. It’s amazing how handy a multi-tool is, and if you can snag one for under $20, that’s a score — for both you and your minimalist secret Santa recipient!

Gift them an amazing experience

This is a tough one if you’re keeping it under $20, but just so you know, there are sites like Groupon where you can get a discounted…among other things…

  1. Massage
  2. Float spa session
  3. Escape room
  4. Axe throwing experience
  5. Brewery/winery/distillery tour (rather than giving alcohol itself)
  6. Bowling, driving range or batting cages

Give them a walk in the park

Most countries have state/provincial parks you can buy passes for. Why not give the gift of nature!

Give the gift of life

You can make a charitable donation to something like World Vision, where you purchase livestock on your secret Santa recipient’s behalf.

Give the gift of life part 2

Why not give an indoor plant or cactus to your coworker? Plants are awesome, and take it up a notch by crafting a planter. I’m sure Pinterest has some cool planter ideas if you’re stuck!

You could also find something like a salt lamp for under $20, or some other handy-dandy tool if you know you’re buying for a man. For those thinking of making food, that’s a slippery slope. Food is a tough gift due to allergies and in most cases, perishable-ish-ness (that’s a word, right?).

But for the love of Lloyd Christmas, don’t get someone a gift card—soooo cheesy. Any schmoe can give a gift card, get a little more creative with your minimalist secret Santa-ness.

Now go sell all your stuff and give a coworker an minimalist-ish gift!


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