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Minimalist Travel
Have Stick, will travel

One of the things that selling all our stuff allowed us to do was to travel. While we first sold all our stuff to move abroad, we then decided to travel some more. And because we live life with less stuff, we’ve become quite adept at minimalist travel.

Here you’ll find tips, books, blogs, and bargains all related to our minimalist travel life. Lightening your load doesn’t mean you have to lighten up on fun and enjoyable experiences.

In addition to these top-notch, state-of-the-art, information-packed, dash-filled minimalist travel resources, we also like to tell the world about our travels, so check out our travel related blog posts (may or may not contain dashes).

Wondering how we fund our minimalist travelling ways?  Check out our eBook: Sell All Your Stuff and Travel for some great advice (and free access to numerous spreadsheets, checklists and of course my quirky sense of humor)!

Need some more minimalist travel resources that fall under the $5 gift maximum spend? We use some of these affiliates below to help us find house sits or affordable accommodations. Oh, and if you’re travelling in the USA, we HIGHLY recommend some form of insurance like World Nomads.

House Sitting Sites

House Carers
As house sitters, we partner with a few sites to cover many bases, here's another we are registered with If you’re interested in becoming a house-sitter, register on this site to find a house-sitting gig. And if you click the icon over on the left I can get some coin!
THSOne of the best sites for finding house sitting gigs. Trusted House Sitters is often referred to as THS in Facebook house sitting groups. Click the logo, sign up, and start your house sitting journey!
House Sitting AcademyHouse Sitting Academy is a site full of useful information for those beginning their journey as house sitters. Sign up for access to some amazing resources that will help you become a professional house sitter!
Nomador is our latest go-to site for house sits. We love the emphasis on shared values between owners and sitters. This site isn't a money-grab like some others. If an owner truly cares about who they hire as their house sitter, they're probably using Nomador.


airbnbAirBnB is a great alternative to hotel stays. And here's some savings - $20 off your stay at Airbnb! If you don't know what AirBnB is, it's basically someone renting out their home (usually a condo) or a room in their home - hence the "bnb" portion of the name.
fake_banner_preview_2House sit fall through? In need of some last minute accomodation? Give a try, we've used it a few times and its great in a pinch. And it's just as good not in a pinch too!


We recently made the switch to Siteground and are happy we did. Our previous host had server uptime issues, slow load times, poor support response time, and just a lack of honesty and integrity. After the switch to SiteGround that problem went away. Our previous host didn't own the problem, which made the problem worse! Lesson = own the problem.
world_nomads_2xWorld Nomads Insurance You bet something bad happens. They bet it doesn't! Get a quote. Get insurance. Get peace of mind. All from World Nomads Insurance
business-336x280If you sell all your stuff and move abroad, or sell all your stuff and travel, you may need to wire some money sometime. So get the best deals on all your international money transfers with HiFX.
Quit_the_Cubicle_2Want to Quit the Cubicle? Check out Nicole and Michael's site. They offer a course that can free you from the cubicle walls and living the life you want to live!

Now go sell all your stuff and travel!