nomadic lifestyle versus stationary lifestyle

Is a Nomadic Lifestyle Better than a Stationary Lifestyle?

I wouldn’t go as far as to say we’re nomads, although we do live a bit of a nomadic lifestyle. We don’t exactly have a “permanent” address, and even when we do it’s definitely temporary. In the past three years the longest we’ll have lived in one dwelling is 5 […]

house sitting horror stories

House Sitting Horror Stories

I’d like to say I’ve seen it all when it comes to house sitting. And I’d like to say I’ve heard it all too. But some of our house sitting horror stories don’t even hold a candle to others. I don’t think any house sitter can predict everything that can […]

come out of your shell with

Hey Little Turtle, Come out of Your Introvert Shell

A pretty cool thing happened this past summer, although the coolness didn’t come to fruition until this past week. It probably wouldn’t have happened if we were still in our cozy little introvert shell either. Back in August we had a friend from Ontario visit Vancouver. Her son, a member of Canada’s […]

house sitting questions with

8 House Sitting Questions with Rosaline Callaghan

Our next 8 House Sitting Questions were answered by Rosaline Callaghan, who is working on her own personal Irish house sitting adventure at With Irish roots, we have a soft spot for those in the Emerald Isle! Name: Rosaline Callaghan Hails From: Ireland Age: 56 Question #1. How/When did […]

House Sitting Questions with

8 House Sitting Questions with Martin Gray

Our next guest on 8 House Sitting Questions might just have more experience than all our last participants put together! This month we’re featuring well-seasoned house sitter, Martin Gray, who is also the creator of these clever (and topic appropriate) t-shirts. Name: Martin Gray Question #1. How/When did you become a […]

find your Shangri-La, with

How Do You Find Your Shangri-La?

Some people visit a town, city, country, or small hamlet and immediately fall in love. They have a “this is the place for me” moment and find their Shangri-La, their paradise, so to speak. We have friends in Panama that knew they’d found the town for them right away (they […]

House Sitting Questions with

8 House Sitting Questions with The New Nomads

House sitting is becoming an increasingly popular way of seeing the world, and our latest participant in our monthly 8 House Sitting Questions just happen to be citizens of the world. Coincidence? This month we’re featuring David and Diane Daniel, aka, the New Nomads. Check out their answers to our world […]

House Sitting Questions with

8 House Sitting Questions with Travel Life Experiences

The great thing about travelling is you meet so many cool people along the way. And the great thing about house sitting while travelling if you meet so cool people you can share advice and your house sitting adventures with. When we were in Panama City we met up with […]

House Sitting Questions with

8 House Sitting Questions Along the Gringo Trail

This month’s edition of 8 House Sitting Questions we caught up with a couple we met while living in Panama; Clyde and Terry Coles from the good ole U.S. of A, and founders of the travel site: Along the Gringo Trail. One of the fun things about house sitting is you […]

emergency-preparedness for house sitters by

Emergency Preparedness for House Sitters

With the recent devastating forest fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, I thought I would write up a quick post about the importance of emergency preparedness for house sitters, and how you can help be prepared. As house sitters, we come into your home to look after your pets and […]