Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter

become a house sitterNew and improved Stuff on how to become a house sitter!

Need some advice on how to become a house sitter?
Looking to break into the glamorous world of house sitting?
Not sure how to get that first house sitting gig?
Need some resources to get your career as a house sitter off the ground?

Well today is your lucky day amigo. Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter provides you with house sitting checklists, worksheets, firsthand experiences, and an abundance of resources from someone who has been house sitting for over a year in Central America. Armed with all this info, you’ll be able to score your first house sitting gig in no time!

You’ll learn about the sites and resources we use to land quality house sits. And you’ll also learn about the biggest secret stash of house siting assignments nobody talks about!

Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter is the 2nd e-book in the Sell All Your Stuff series. The goal of is to help others not only live a minimalist lifestyle, but find ways to do experience more.

Selling all our stuff allowed us to move abroad, then become house sitters. When you sell all your stuff, you can do more stuff with less stuff and live a minimalist lifestyle!

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Now go sell all your stuff!