Sell All Your Stuff and Travel

It’s here!

Sell All Your Stuff and Travel is the 3rd book in the Sell All Your Stuff series. Much like the previous two books, this book will detail how and where you can sell your stuff so you can do more stuff with less stuff, and in this case…travel!

Sell All Your Stuff and Travel book
The Stick Man is back!

Not sure if you can afford a vacation? This book will reveal some secrets that will allow you to afford one!

Don’t have a clue about where you want to travel to? The worksheets within will help narrow things down.

Traveling on a budget? Got ya covered with ways you can not only save, but score free accommodations.

Whether you’re going on a short vacation or starting a life of travel, the worksheets, checklists, and an Olympic Action Plan Checklist will keep you organized and smiling, but more important, you’ll be ready to start selling stuff to travel.

Selling all our stuff allowed us to move abroad, where we became house sitters, and decided to travel more. When you sell all your stuff, you can do more stuff with less stuff and live a minimalist lifestyle! The Sell All Your Stuff books are easy reading guides to help you realize the same!

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Now go sell all your stuff!