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8 House Sitting Questions with Rosaline Callaghan

Our next 8 House Sitting Questions were answered by Rosaline Callaghan, who is working on her own personal Irish house sitting adventure at With Irish roots, we have a soft spot for those in the Emerald Isle! Name: Rosaline Callaghan Hails From: Ireland Age: 56 Question #1. How/When did […]

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8 House Sitting Questions Along the Gringo Trail

This month’s edition of 8 House Sitting Questions we caught up with a couple we met while living in Panama; Clyde and Terry Coles from the good ole U.S. of A, and founders of the travel site: Along the Gringo Trail. One of the fun things about house sitting is you […]

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Yard Sale Season: 4 Things to Help ROCK Your Sale!

It’s that time of year – YARD SALE SEASON…HAZAA! Yup. Spring is in the air, and so is Yard Sale Season!!! If you’re from the southern US, you probably started your yard sale season back in February. Go a little further north and it probably started in March – although […]

House Sitting Questions with Sell All Your Stuff

8 House Sitting Questions with The Journal of Nomads

It’s back! We made some more friends online and decided to ask them if they’d like to answer our 8 House Sitting Questions, and they said ‘yes’, amazing how the internet works. This month we feature a couple of younglings; Cynthia from Belgium and Niko from Canada. Both work together […]

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Can’t Get Motivated? Rake Some Leaves!

Last week I was in a funk. And not a “we got the funk” by George Clinton & Parliament kind of way. It wasn’t a whole week funk, just one day in particular. I couldn’t write. I can’t get motivated! I wanted to work out. I can’t get motivated. I […]

Sell All Your Stuff and Travel

Want to Sell All Your Stuff and Travel?

Wow! What a weekend we had giving away our copies of Sell All Your Stuff and Move Abroad, and Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter. Almost 700 copies were downloaded, so hopefully we get some Amazon review love in return; moreover, we hope more and more people […]

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Do You Have a Minimalist Fridge?

Prior to selling all our stuff and moving to Panama, our fridge was always full on Saturdays. Packed! I could barely fit six beers in there. Shopping was typically done on a Friday after work, or Saturday morning. Groceries would be bought for the week, and for the most part, […]

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How Travel and Having Less Stuff Can Change Your Outlook on Stuff

It’s amazing what selling all your stuff and a little travel can do to help change your outlook on stuff. My wife and I traveled to Nicaragua back in 2012. It was the start of our journey towards a different lifestyle. It was also our first venture off the beaten path […]

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8 House Sitting Questions with The Hermit Crab

We have started a new feature here at Sell All Your Stuff. One of the great things that selling all our stuff allowed us to do was to become house sitters (and travel much lighter). In this new feature, we ask fellow house sitters eight house sitting questions related to […]

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8 Things Freedom From Stuff Will Allow You To Do

Want Freedom From Stuff? I was probably once like you. I wanted stuff. I wanted the latest gizmo’s and gadgets. I wanted a nice TV. I wanted nice furniture. I wanted nice stuff. Then I realized that stuff doesn’t define who we are. So my wife and I chose freedom from […]