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It’s okay to keep stuff, even if you’re a “minimalist”

Selling all your stuff is fun, at least it was both times we did it. You learn new stuff each time, and when you do need to purchase stuff you know of better purchasing methods like Thrift Shops, or finding ways to re-purpose stuff, for that matter. But sometimes it pays to not […]

House Sitting Questions with Sell All Your Stuff

8 House Sitting Questions with The Travelling Weasels

Here’s another installment of our 8 Questions. This week we hear from Tanbay and Laura, the Travelling Weasels, and their adventures in house sitting. So kick back and enjoy their story… Name: Tanbay and Laura Age: 20’s Hails from: Germany and the UK, respectively And now for the 8 questions: Question #1. How/When […]