Epic Vancouver Island Sunset

An Epic Vancouver Island Sunset in Three Different Towns!

Evidently, March isn’t supposed to be the best time of year to visit Vancouver Island — at least that’s what we were told. When we mentioned we were going to spend a week there some friends asked; “why”. Well here’s why; We’ve never been there, we wanted to experience something new, […]

tofino surfing

A Visit to Canada’s Surf Playground

It’s been nice to get out and experience some more experiences again. While we try to experience more during the cold months, it isn’t always easy. And as luck would have it, this is the worst winter in BC in, like, a million years of something. But the weather was […]

stick man surfing

How Life With Less Stuff Has Given Us More!

One thing a lot of people fail to mention about house sitting is that sometimes when you complete one house sit, you’re homeless before the next one begins. Luckily for us Shelly won three free nights at Gran Pacifica Resort in Nicaragua by simply filling out a survey and winning […]