Anti Black Friday

Black Friday Freebies For Anti Black Friday

Guess what – Black Friday is coming and it will be another brutal shopping day in the USA. And we just don’t understand it. So we’re going to offer some Anti Black Friday freebies to help people cope.

Sure, there are probably some great deals on stuff. But pushing, shoving, punching, stabbing, shooting and more, for stuff? Come on now people. It’s just stuff.

I suppose Canada has “Black Friday”, only it’s on December 26th. And it’s called Boxing Day. And it’s not on a specific weekday. And no, people don’t “Box” one another for stuff. It’s very similar to Black Friday in that people line up early for deals, but without the pushing, shoving, punching, stabbing, kicking, etc.

Sell All Your Stuff and Move AbroadWe’re going to do one better than Black Friday though. We’re not going to entice you to BUY stuff. We’re going to give it away. That’s right, Anti Black Friday freebies await my minimalist cousins.

From Friday, November 27th until Sunday, November 29th, the Sell All Your Stuff Books will be free for three whole days. Whaaaaaat?

I know. Crazy isn’t it? This is our inaugural Anti Black Friday event.

become a house sitterGet your FREE copy of Sell All Your Stuff and Move Abroad and Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter for FREE! Did I mention they were FREE?

If you can do us just one small favor while you’re enjoying your Anti Black Friday freebies, and that’s to leave an Amazon review…preferably a nice one…with 5 stars…and happy adjectives.

And if you sign up for our newsletter you’ll be reminded about your Black Friday freebies on…Anti Black Friday!

Now go sell all your stuff!



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