Canada road trip: Day 1 with

Canada Road Trip: Day 1 – The Six to The Soo

Our cross Canada road trip began last week with a trip from Toronto (The Six) to Sault Ste. Marie (The Soo). We packed our bags, got Blinky some gas, and our cross Canada road trip was under way!

Canada Road Trip: Day 1

Leaving the GTA at 8am on a Sunday was perfect. There were no traffic jams whatsoever, which is almost unheard of on the 401 highway in Toronto. Driving from the west end of Toronto the day before on the Saturday was terrible stop and go traffic at two in the afternoon. Anyone familiar with the 401 knows and understands our pain. But not today, we were able to sail on down the 401 to the 400 north, making a quick stop where Cheli and I met; Georgian College!

Canada road trip: Day 1 - Stop at Georgian College
When I went to college we didn’t learn how to take selfies!

After a quick stop at Georgian we continued up the 400, admiring the scenery and numerous inukshuks along the way. Inukshuks are little stone men to let you know someone was there, and also that you’re on the right path. Thanks little inukshuk buddy!

inukshuks on roadside with on our Canada road trip: Day 1
Inukshuks let you know you’re on the right path!

Somewhere on the road to Sudbury it started to snow…and in Sudbury the lakes were still frozen over. The people of Sudbury must not pay their taxes because global warming is clearly not affecting them…poor buggers. Okay, it was only a little bit of snow, but come on, pi$$ off already with the snow!

Canada road trip: Day 1 - frozen lakes in Sudbury with
Elsa from Frozen was here!

Sudbury is home to the nickel mines, and is also the subject of the song “Sudbury Saturday Night” by the late Stompin’ Tom Connors. Unfortunately, we had no time to stop and “drink the loot we borrowed and recuperate tomorrow”.  And while “the girls are out to Bingo” we sadly didn’t have the Bingo option, instead we had Crossword scratch-n-win tickets we got from our niece and nephew…but we lost.

Here’s some of the rockin’ scenery:

We were able to tune into the ball-game though, well, until about the 7th inning before we lost signal. But the game was over by then anyway, with the Jays taking two of three from the A’s with a 6-3 win. Go Jays Go!

Shortly before 5 pm we completed our trip from The Six to The Soo. I still don’t get why they call Toronto “The Six”, though. I understand because the area codes are 416 and 647 – but why not call it the 4?  Or the 4-6? Anyway, we checked into our hotel in The Soo  – the Satellite Inn. Very. Savory. Hey, when you’re on a budget you take what you can get for the best rate! Actually, it wasn’t bad at all at the Sat in the Soo on that sun-less, snowy Sunday. We did get a small fridge and microwave so we were able to take some leftovers from my mom’s and save on some meals. Had we won those scratch tickets we might have been able to splurge on either food or accommodations!

Canada Road Trip: Day 1 complete. Next stop…Thunder Bay!

Now go sell all your stuff and drive across the country!


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