Bears in Banff National Park

Canada Road Trip: Day 6 – Cow Town to Kamloops

This is the part of the drive we’ve both been looking forward to – the Canadian Rockies. We’re pretty sure Blinky was looking forward to it too. Okay, Blinky is just a car and has no feelings, but still.

We woke up and hit the road at 8am knowing we were going to make many stops at the many lookouts offered throughout the winding drive to Kamloops.

Our first stop in the Canadian Rockies was nearby Lake Louise in Banff National Park. Shelly once worked at a lodge up in Louise, so it brought back many memories of walking down mountain roads for groceries and hitchhiking back up to the lodge.

And I knew my parents honeymooned in the Canadian Rockies back in the late 60’s/early 70’s?, but I had no idea that my mom took a picture of my dad in pretty much the exact same spot as Shelly took one of me:

Sometimes you need to just stop and enjoy the scenery.

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After Louise we got another treat. Driving through this national park (or any part of the Canadian Rockies) offers up many chances to see wild animals, and the park didn’t disappoint, as we saw a mama black bear with two cubs:

Black Bears and cubs in Canadian Rockies
black bear mom with two cubs (by pole)

Our next stop was the last “border” we’d visit on our trip, the Alberta / BC border. So no more fancy provincial signs…

We made it to BC! Our home for the summer!

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It’s nice to mix up driving and riding shotgun. I love this kind of scenery, with bright blue glacial waters flowing thorough the rivers and streams, the tree-lined mountains with snow-covered peaks, and the occasional train to remind you of earlier times. It’s definitely a drive you don’t sleep through.

I can’t begin to explain the beauty of this drive. Pictures don’t often do scenery like this justice, but let’s do our best with a quick video:

Next up, five weeks house sitting in Kamloops than off to Vancouver Town!

Now go sell all your stuff and drive across the country!



5 thoughts on “Canada Road Trip: Day 6 – Cow Town to Kamloops”

  1. I love a good road trip. especially when the scenery is so nice. You guys are so lucky to see a bear with her cubs. What a cool experience (from the distance!). I am heading to Northern New Mexico soon and hope to see some nice scenery on the way as well.

    1. Maria, the funny thing about the bears, we probably won’t have seen them if another car wasn’t already stopped. They were way back in the field. I guess it was luck we happened upon them when we did.

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