The Death of the Ticket Stub Souvenir

Well, it’s happened. I got old and am complaining about how things are now, and how better things were in days gone by. And it happened over the course of one night, the night the ticket stub souvenir died.

I went to a concert just the other night and like other events (such as baseball games) I had a printed ticket on an 8 x 11 piece of paper. This saves ticket companies from having to print tickets themselves and the cost is put on the customer (yet ticket costs didn’t seem come down). I’ve also┬ápurchased some tickets to a future concert (Pearl Jam if you’re wondering) but the only option is to “Go Mobile” or to “Print at Home”. So we can save a tree, or save ticketing agents money. But all I really want, selfishly, is an old fashioned ticket stub because a ticket stub souvenir is one of the best souvenirs money can buy without spending any extra money!

Usually I’m preaching about memories not existing in physical items, and that a picture is just as good. But when it comes to the ticket stub souvenir, nothing beats the real thing. Here’s why; when you collect those ticket stubs over many years, they actually BECOME the picture.


Here’s a visual to help you…uhh…visualize.

image of framed ticket stubs

But now that the ticket stub souvenir is pretty much dead, there’s an entire generation going to events that will have no idea what a ticket stub souvenir even is, let alone having picture frames filled with them to decorate their future humble abodes with.

As someone who lives a minimalist lifestyle, the ticket stub souvenir was an ideal way to have that photo memory, and a way of showing off your cool life experiences to visitors and guests. Now it seems we’re at the mercy of Ticketmaster and other vendors. Pearl Jam was a band that fought Ticketmaster’s service fee pricing back in the 90’s, to no avail. And now Ticketmaster is cheating me and many other event-goers of the ticket stub souvenir! I say it’s time to fight back. I want my ticket stub souvenir!

Now go sell all your stuff and fight for the ticket stub souvenir!


2 thoughts on “The Death of the Ticket Stub Souvenir”

  1. I have hundreds of these, saved over the years. I still order online and pay horrible service fees (for what?), and request venue pickup. That way I still get a ticket. The latest abomination: $1.00 fee on all hold for p/u tickets.

    1. Exactly George! Service fees are everywhere. In fact, I’m sending a bill your way — my service fee for replying to comments ­čÖé

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