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The Sad but True Story of Justin Case

We all have that friend. You know, the one we’ve been friends with since we were wee lads (or lasses). You grew up together, scraped knees together, got drunk together, and at one point you probably fought one another.

As time goes by, you start to learn you’re different from one another. You chat less, and see each other even less frequently. And even with the numerous social media networks to stay in touch, you just don’t stay in touch. You lose touch.

You grow apart.

I would venture to guess that 100% of the people reading this can think of someone in their own life this has happened with. Or perhaps it wasn’t just one person – maybe it was your entire circle of friends from high school.

For me, that person was Justin Case.

Justin and I weren’t that close growing up. He was one of those guys who was just there. Sometimes we’d hang out, and other times I’d be too busy for him – oh, and by the way, Justin was never too busy for anyone. He always made time when needed, and if you ever needed someone to stick around, he’d be there – Justin Case.

As I grew older I saw less and less of Justin. I’ll be honest, the guy was…well…always messing things up – literally! I think of my house growing up and remember countless times stuff seemed to be everywhere. And not to pass blame, but it was mostly because of Justin Case.

There would be times later in life where Justin would make cameo appearances in my life, but the older I became the less I needed to associate with him. And this may sound very superficial, but looking back, I think I was just using Justin Case.

I recall saying “I need that, Justin Case” a lot when I was younger – heck, even as early as a few years ago I recall saying “I’m keeping that, Justin Case”! 

Even as we sold all our stuff and packed up for our move to Panama, there were times when Justin Case had to give his two cents worth.

Funny, I don’t remember buying anything for Justin Case, just hanging on to stuff for him, or it was because of him I hung on to it. Maybe there were a few cans of soup and bottled water with his name on it. I’m pretty sure I hung on to some jumper cables for him too, although we paid for roadside assistance, so not sure why I needed to have Justin Case’s.

Enough was enough!

After my wife and I decided to move on from Panama for a new travelling/house sitting lifestyle, we made some more donations of our stuff to lighten our load.  I thought of calling Justin for some advice, but I realized that chapter in my life was over. I didn’t need Justin’s advice; moreover, I didn’t want his advice!

My wife and I kicked Justin Case out of our lives for good. We don’t need that Justin Case anymore. He clutters up our lives with stuff we don’t need. He’s dead to us.

I’ve learned that many more people are relying less and less on our old friend. But don’t worry, I think he still has a lot of people relying on him, you know…Justin Case.

Now go sell all your stuff Justin Case!


10 thoughts on “The Sad but True Story of Justin Case”

  1. My Mom actually had an acronym for your friend (she was an acronym freak actually). She’d always tell me, “I’m a JIC person!”

    On a separate (but similar) note, she also had a piece of paper in the shape of a circle that someone in her office had made for her (mid eighties this was, so no social media back then, just paper).

    It had the word “Toit” written on it, because she was always saying she’d do X when she got around to it. 🙂

    1. Haha – a round toit – sounds like my kind of humour! I always love how acronym people can just use an acronym on the fly and toss it into a sentence so effortlessly!

  2. The best part about this story is that I actually went to a school with a kid named Justin Case. Poor kid, so many terrible jokes!

  3. I love this. My wife and I often have differing opinions on which of our stuff is more important to Justin Case. We’re slowly getting on the same page though, and it’s a lot of fun!

    Great reminder to keep going!

    1. Thanks LYW. We’re lucky, we’ve both been on the same page about ‘stuff’. At times we’ve donated/sold/tossed stuff that, yes, might have been nice to keep around for a rainy day. But at what cost? Had we clung to stuff, we’d never have enjoyed the many experiences we’ve been able to…uh…enjoy.

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