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Minimalist Life Hacks You Can Actually Use

Looking for some minimalist life hacks? Ha, who isn’t! Everyone wants to be a minimalist, it’s the cool thing to do. We typically offer advice on decluttering, storing, spending money on experiences, tips on how to live minimalistically (patent pending new word), but this time we’ve compiled a list of some other blogs covering many angles of minimalism with the following minimalist life hacks.

#10. Minimize bandwidth

Vanholio provides some hacks on how to minimize your bandwith. I get a kick out of Vanholio’s writing style, and while his articles don’t always pertain to me or my lifestyle, this one offers some good advice, especially for those with crappy internet connections.

#9. Minimize Stress

We always like to give a shout out to Dan at Hip Diggs. He’s been a big supporter of ours and vice versa, and this post about how to minimize stress (by simply adding something else to your life) is a typical good read over at Hip Diggs.

#8. Minimize Kitchen Clutter

Growing up our kitchen drawers and cabinets were always crammed full of stuff. Sometimes drawers wouldn’t even open because there were three whisks intertwined forming one large whisk which prevented the drawer from opening. This post about how to minimize kitchen clutter by Be More With Less would have been great for my house, maybe it will be for yours too!

#7. Minimize Clutter in General

And speaking of clutter, I Dream of Clean provides and overall approach to clutter, with these 10 ways to reduce clutter

#6. Minimize Noise

What would a listing be without some tips from Zen Habits. Too much noise in your life? Then minimize noise with these tips from Leo Babauta.

#5. Minimize Environmental Impact

This one kind of goes hand-in-hand with a lot of us living minimalist lifestyles. By reducing your need (and desire) for stuff, you’re kind of doing more than your share. It’s another reason we like to Thrift Shop, it lessens the burden of having to constantly have new clothes made (it’s an uphill battle). Anyway, Earth 911 advises on ways to minimize your impact on the environment. 

#4. Minimize Cleaning Waste

Speaking of minimizing your environmental impact, this is a great blog about how you can avoid waste when cleaning. I’m guessing Mr. Clean and the Brawny paper towel guy won’t be fans of this zero waste cleaning post from Paris to Go

#3. Minimize Waste in General

Family? No more excuses, time to make it a team event and reduce your waste with these 37 ways to reduce trash from Small Footprint Family. Some of these are just so easy you can’t NOT do them, I mean really, who wants #19 anyway?

#2. Minimize Wasted Time

While we’re on the topic of waste, why not minimize the time you waste. And what would a minimalist life hack list be without an item from a lifehack site, as this post from lifehack.orgey (hehe) details how to stop wasting time!

#1. Minimize spending (and subsequently, potential debt)

This is a great post by Connie Cavanaugh, who admits she’s not even good with money, but she does offer some very easy ways to minimize your spending, which can lead to minimizing debt (and a better bottom line). Who doesn’t want a better bottom line!

Minimalist living probably isn’t for everyone, but everyone is probably minimizing some aspect of their life—be it any of the 10 minimalist life hacks above or otherwise. Got any minimalist life hacks of your own? Tell us all about them in as few words as possible!

Now go sell all your stuff and minimize something!


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