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Success Stories From People Who Sold All Their Stuff

One of the important aspects of a somewhat nomadic, traveling, house sitting, minimalist lifestyle is that we need to work online. We’re building a brand here with Sell All Your Stuff, and we’re also starting up a social media management company.

Along the way you try to make friends online, and sometimes you get to meet said friends in person. It’s quite an eye-opener to meet internet friends in 3D instead of seeing them only in 2D. Okay, not really. But it is fun to talk to people doing similar things, especially when they also sold all their stuff.

Over the past several months we’ve befriended a few traveling bloggers and blogging travelers who sold all their stuff to travel (and here we thought we were the only ones)! But we also enjoy reading about others who have done the same (even if we aren’t Facebook friends or MySpace buddies).

If you have a chance, or are wondering if you too can do what others have actually done, or if you’re having doubts, here are some others who have also sold all their stuff to do what they enjoy.

Others who sold all their stuff…

Our amigos from down unda! We met Jane and Duncan in Nicaragua, and met up again in Panama a few months later. They’re a cool couple trying to travel the world on a $60 US/day budget. Did they do it? Check out their site to find out at To Travel Too.

sold all their stuff to travel
They sold all their stuff to travel too!

Fellow Canadians Dorene and Troy of Travel Life Experiences made a brief pit-stop in Panama just before Christmas and we got to eat pizza and drink beer with them while chatting about our travels. This lucky couple is in Colombia as of this writing, and if you’re interested in video editing or good photography you may want to look at their work, it’s pretty wicked-awesome.

sold all their stuff

Nick & Dariece (also fellow Canucks) have some extensive travel experience and offer tips, tricks, and a weekly glimpse of their travelling lifestyle on GoatLifeTV as well. Give their site a visit at Goats on the Road.

And then there are some others we sometimes chat online with, or don’t really talk with online, probably because they’re all too busy traveling and having the time of their life, but here are some other stories of people who sold all their stuff too!

Thrifty Nomads 

Never Ending Voyage

The Planet D

The Trusted Traveler  

The BS Travellers

And Trish, featured on Nomadic Matt’s site

Lastly, here are some bloggers that spend their time and money on experiences rather than stuff, which is our cardinal rule of minimalism. While they haven’t sold all their stuff quite yet (or at least we didn’t see where they say they did), these people are doing more stuff with less stuff. People like:

Two Travel Dads

Why? Because these two dudes, I mean dads, don’t just travel, they travel with their kids and enjoy fun and new destinations as a family, but not just any family…an LGBT family.

LGBT travel

Big World Small Pockets

Why? Because we’re all about budget travel, and  Steph gives lots of advice from questions to ask potential insurance companies, to why you need to travel with a sarong (as a guy I’m jealous of the versatile sarong. all we have are shants).

Lili’s Travel Plans

Why? Liesbeth writes with a pinch of sarcasm, so she immediately gets a pat on the back from us. After writing for 18 months at Panama Dude with nothing but total sarcasm, I appreciate a good blog with a tasty dose of it. Sarcasm that is.

So as you can see, other people have sold all their stuff too to do what they want to do. Got any examples of your own or know someone else who sold all their stuff? Tell us about it in the comments.

Now go sell all your stuff



4 thoughts on “Success Stories From People Who Sold All Their Stuff”

  1. What a great article!! You are right, meeting people online is wonderful isn’t it, there are so many cool and friendly people in the blogging/nomadic/travelling world – people just like you 🙂 We are in the process of selling all our stuff – I’m about to upload a few more items to a Facebook Group and Gumtree now in fact! The plan for this weekend is to fill all the holes in the wall left from taking down our pictures and selling the frames so we can paint the walls, then we will trim the hedges and blast the patio so we can sell the hedge trimmer and pressure hose – then comes selling the house! Hope to put that online in the next few days as we are going to attempt to do it ourselves first to save money 🙂 Exciting times ahead – selling all our stuff has been liberating, and the thought of a new life ahead of us keeps us focused 🙂

    1. Angie, it truly is a liberating experience! I’m amazed at how many websites/apps there are to sell stuff too. I just discovered one called Decluttr (not available in Canada though). Definitely exciting times ahead for you!

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