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Unplug From Social Media This Weekend!

Building an online brand isn’t easy. Quite the opposite, which is weird, because I’ve read like, a hundred or so articles stating things like “Learn How I made $100,000 in my first year blogging”. Definitely seeing more and more smoke and mirrors…I think what I’m trying to say is, we’re online.  A LOT!

Time to unplug from social media for a weekend!

Screw it wine with sellallyourstuff.com
Sometimes you just have to say it…

That beings said, Shelly and I wanted to share our amazing weekend where we just said “screw it” when it came to social media. Now, Shell has a lot of stuff automated, but as a Social Media Manager, she still needs to be dialed in to what’s going on, what’s trending, comments, shares, pins, likes, plusses, tweets…et cetera.

But this past weekend we had some fun and we were able to unplug from social media. 100% offline. Well…almost.


On Friday we met up with a couple in North Vancouver for an upcoming house sit. But why just do a meet and greet and leave? Instead, we hit the Friday Night Market at Lonsdale Quay (again), and we had some beers on the patio at Tap & Barrel (again), followed by food truck food (again). Hey, stick with what ya know!

I think Shelly shared a pic in the Sell All Your Stuff Facebook Group, and that was about it.

After our food truck awesomeness we met up with the home owners for our future house sit. And then a funny thing happened. They were preparing dinner for us! Ha, two dinners? Yes please!

Saturday morning after the gym we ventured over to the Trout Lake Farmer’s Market for some farm-fresh fruits and veggies. Then it was back home for some chores and an afternoon nap, because we knew we’d be up later than usual. Man we’re old people.


Saturday night offered up a beauty of a night, but it got downright cold when the sun set. Probably single digits.

It was also the big finale of Vancouver’s Shorefest, where iconic Canadian band Trooper performed. And it was the USA’s night for the fireworks finale, which were put on by none other than Disney. Side note, we attended a Disney parade in Panama which went horribly awry. So, needless to say…

We passed on the estimated 500,000 person crowd of Disney faithful (although I think more were there just to see Trooper), and we instead took in another ball game. And what a game! The Vancouver Canadians were down the whole game but rallied to tie it in the 9th, and with a runner on third and two outs, Panama’s own Rodrigo Orozco represented the winning run at third. Then, Canadians Nash Knight hit a full count squibbler to 3rd. Tri City’s third baseman charged hard but he booted it, literally, allowing the winning run to score for the walk-off win. Talk about excitement! I guess Rodrigo Orozco made up for the Disney Panama parade fail.

But there were more fireworks after the big win. We went on Fireworks Extravaganza night at “The Nat” – hence why we had to endure the cold – thankfully this one didn’t go to extra innings!

It may not have been Disney quality, but we had some variety, check it out…

Next up…

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

It was an overcast day, but a unique one for us because we decided to check out the Vancouver housing market by visiting some open houses. It’s been a while since we’ve looked at real estate with any seriousness, and Vancouver’s market is something that can make your eyes bulge with sticker shock! And technically, we visited open condos, none were actual houses.

Our needs have changed since we first bought a house 14 years ago – we just don’t need a lot of space and we know it. Anyway, it was a fun day and we saw some potentially fun fixer-upper projects. There might be something in store for us down the road!

Monday – BEACH DAY!

What an epic beach day it was. We got to our favorite spot on Spanish Banks, where it was also low tide. We went for a stroll along the sandbars and got toasted like little nuggets after a quick nap in the sun. We love our vitamin D! Some meats, cheese, and pasta salad made for a nice lunch, too. Oh, and no Vancouver beach picnic is complete without Indian Candy! Nom Nom!

Unplug from social media at Spanish Banks in Vancouver - with sellallyourstuff.com
Love low tide!

We took pics and some short videos during our long weekend, because you can never have too much content. But sometimes, it’s just nice to stay off Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Podcasts, Blab, Hangouts, Snapchat, YouTube, Klout, MySpace, Gawker, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Flickr, Periscope, Vine, Quora, Scribd, and of course Facebook…and just enjoy the moment you’re in.

Now go sell all your stuff and have a social media free weekend!


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  1. Wow, sounds like you two really made a meal of it! Ha ha ha. Sporty and I also enjoy taking a break from being online, though I’ll be honest, it’s been a while since we went off for an entire weekend! I guess it’s time to follow your example. 🙂

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