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Are You Ready to Hit the Reset Button on Life?

I used to play video games a lot when I was younger. The sports games were always my favorite. But sometimes those 32-bit systems would freeze mid-game. Other times I’d be playing versus the computer and the computer would start winning, which is just unacceptable. So in both cases, I’d hit the reset button. And much like a video game, the New Year is the time people around the globe pretend to hit the reset button on life.

Last year I mentioned that I’m not big on new year resolutions, as you can see below.

Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions – Do This Instead

For some reason people wait until January 1 to hit their reset button on life. Put another way, to make a big and significant change in their lives – usually (and hopefully) for the better. But why wait until January 1?

Hit the reset button on life when YOU’RE ready!

When we sold all our stuff to move abroad, we didn’t say “we’ll make this life change in the new year”. Many, many years ago when I quit smoking I did so at the start of the summer. And whenever I’m feeling a little…doughy…and want to hit the gym hard, I definitely don’t procrastinate or wait for a new year sale on memberships. It’s not that I have better or more will power than others, far from it. If someone puts out a bowl of potato chips in front of me two things happen: 1) those chips don’t have a chance against me and 2) neither does anyone else in the room that thinks they’re getting the lion’s share of those chips over me. What was I talking about? Oh right, the reset button.

If you need to wait until the new year so you can get in one last puff of a smoke, another snort from that bottle of whisky, or one last midnight feasting on double-chocolate-fudge cake, hey, go for it—it’s your life. But if you want to make big changes, meaningful changes, then you don’t need to sit and wait around for a specific date. You have the power to hit the reset button on your life. Any. Time. You. Want.

Change doesn’t come easy, trust me, I know. And those changes can scare the holy-bejesus out of you at times. But this is YOUR life and it’s YOURS to enjoy. Make it what you want it to be, and if you don’t know what that is yet, there’s plenty of time to find out. But when you find something you want to change, or something you want to start doing more of – be it exercising or charitable work – start as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the first of January every year.

And if you did wait for the new year to hit the reset button on life, or made some “new year resolution”, tell us about it in the comments so we can hold you to it!

Now go sell all your stuff and hit the reset button!


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