Stop Making New Year Resolutions

Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions – Do This Instead

I’m not going to jump on the New Year’s resolution bandwagon. I’ve never been a big fan of them. Personally, I think people need to stop making New Year’s resolutions because every year we hear so many of the same resolutions; I’m going to get in shape. I’m going to look for a new job. I’m going to travel more. I’m going to volunteer more. I’m going to spend more time with my kids. I’m going to live every day like it’s my last. And half-way through the year (or sooner) those “resolutions” end up clouded, forgotten, or abandoned altogether, only to be re-hashed the following December.

A resolution is a promise to yourself to do something, yet people still don’t do it. And why do people need to wait until the New Year to do something? Why not start a few days, weeks, or months before? Because people want a few guilt-free days, I suppose. I know I enjoy saying “manana”, occasionally. That’s what resolutions tend to be. People start off all gung-ho and peter out after a little while.

Stop Kidding Yourself!

If you break down the word “resolution” what do you have? Something important that you really want to complete. Sounds kind of like a bucket list to me. Do you have a bucket list? How do you feel when you cross things off said bucket list? Feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

Stop making New Year's resolutions!Besides, I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. I’m a “list” dude. I like making them for this site. I like reading them. I like to-do lists. I like bucket lists (especially crossing things off of said list). So I guess I don’t have to stop making New Year’s resolutions and start thinking of stuff to add to my bucket list.

Bucket Lists don’t have a start or end-date either, so there’s less disappointment if you don’t get to cross something off one year. Didn’t lose those 10 kilos/20 pounds you “resolved” to lose? Don’t…sweat it…(clever pun, right?) you’ll get em’ next time champ. Work getting in the way of travel? Guess you’ll have more places to see next year, or the year after that.

Heck, you don’t even have to call it a bucket list, call it “my awesomeness list of things to do”, or “stuff to do before I die”, or some other term that you prefer. Come 2016, my wife and I are going to add several things to our bucket lists, both individually and as a team.

People think if they make New Year’s resolutions it holds them to some higher urgency or necessity to fulfill said resolutions. What it really is a reason to procrastinate. Don’t wait until the New Year to do something. Take a page from the Nike handbook and just do it! And stop making New Year’s resolutions you aren’t going to keep.

Now go sell all your stuff!


5 thoughts on “Stop Making New Year’s Resolutions – Do This Instead”

  1. I have to totally agree. I never understood having to wait until the EOY to resolve to better yourself somehow. I have been using a bucket list since my first early retirement. Its always changing with new stuff being added and other scratched off because of mission accomplished or my change of passion or interest. In the end its all about moving forward to better ourselves and also throw in some enjoyable adventures.

    1. Couldn’t agree more Tommy. Our passions change, as do our desire to visit places and experience things. At one point I really wanted to surf regularly. Turns out I don’t really enjoy stingy saltwater in my eyes/mouth all that much, but glad I found out for myself rather than wondering the rest of my life.

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