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How to Turn 40 with Grace, Dignity, and Total Fricken Awesomeness!

Well, it finally came. The day I’ve been dreading – the day EVERYONE dreads! You know the day will come, eventually. When you’re younger you don’t have time to think about stuff like that though. You’re too busy being invincible. And as you age you realize you’re not as invincible as you once thought. Years pass, skin sags, then one day you wake up and it’s happened. You just turned 40.

In all seriousness, turning 40 was awesome and I wasn’t dreading it at all. Heck, since I was 37 I’ve been playing hooky from the 9-5 world as we travel and enjoy some pretty cool life experiences in the process. So why would I stop at 40?

A few weeks ago for my wife’s 40th birthday we spent some good coin on a Turkish Bath/Spa treatment. If you don’t know what that is, it involves being naked and then scrubbed with a loofa by a pretty Russian woman named Ivana. Talk about unique – Ivana Goagain!

Having our birthdays fall within 3 weeks of each other we tend to say “Let’s do something awesome instead of buying each other gifts”. Said birthdays have included a trip to San Francisco, numerous wellness retreats, and a Lumberjack Challenge, to name a few things. It’s been a tradition for us for many years now, and we love it.

As people who live a minimalist lifestyle, we’re all about spending money on experiences rather than stuff. So this year, in order to not break tradition, we not only did the naked Russian lady thing, we also booked a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, along with a few hours at the hotel’s spa to enjoy a massage and their water therapy circuit – we love a good water therapy circuit!

Are you approaching 40? Have you been there, done that and are looking for some I’m turning 50, 60, 70 ideas? Fear not of age, for I will provide an easy-peasy, can’t-miss, awesome-sauce recipe on how to hit that next decade in style!

So you want to know how to turn 40 like an all-star?

Step #1 – Embrace it!

I know some people who dread(ed) it. OMG, I’m going to be 40! I’ve done nothing with my life! For starters, don’t think like this, 40 is just another number. In fact, when you turn 39 you’re already in your 40th year, so you were basically 40 when you were 39, only you decided to dwell on it one year later. Whoa, that’s some Back to the Future type logic. But if you think you haven’t done anything of significance with your life, it’s time to re-assess how you’re looking at your life. If you’ve procreated, that’s an accomplishment, especially if your kid is turning out to be a solid human being full of awesomeness!

Turning 40 isn’t about what you haven’t done. It’s a time to embrace everything you HAVE done; moreover, it’s about looking to the future and all of the things you WILL do.

How to turn 40 bonus tip: surround yourself with nice people who tend to compliment and/or support you and your life choices – good and bad. Those are the people you want to spend a major birthday with, and they’ll likely remind you of how awesome you truly are!

Step # 2 – Boldly go where you’ve never gone before!

Getting away from the everyday is probably my favourite tip on how to turn 40. You don’t have to go far, maybe just a short drive away. But stay the night and have a great time wherever it is you go.

But if you’re turning 40, 50, or 60, I think it’s time to step up your game. You’re at the half-way point, so why not travel somewhere unique! Travelling puts many things into perspective and can be an amazing attitude adjuster. Trust me, I know. I used to be a total A-hole all the time, now I’m only an A-hole once in a while, but more important, I can catch myself when I start to act like an A-hole. It’s kind of like when David Bannerman would become the Incredible Hulk and learned how to control himself.  So stop being an A-hole and go somewhere A-mazing!

How to turn 40 bonus tipNot everyone has the desire to travel and see new places, meet people, or experience different cultures. But if you’re feeling that, at 40, you haven’t “seen anything”, then maybe it’s time to spin that globe and go where your finger lands.

Step # 3 – Do something epic

Have you crossed anything off your bucket list?

YES – don’t stop there, keep adding to your list and crossing stuff off!

NO – What are you waiting for, to turn 50? I’m pretty sure you’ve done something that you had always wanted to do, but if you can’t think of anything you’ve done then think of something you want to do and go do it. Want to run a marathon? Get started on those 26 miles. Does the thought of Bungee jumping make you bounce around like Tigger? Then hit your nearest bungee jumping outfitter.

How to turn 40 bonus tip: Hey, we all have different levels of adventure. We prefer a little R & R so we tend to do unique wellness retreats. You may prefer action and adventure, so try white water rafting, or go base-jumping, better yet – apply to be a competitor on Mantracker!

Step # 4 – Have sex!

Lots of it! Especially if you’re a guy. At age 40, men are at an increased risk of suffering from ED.  Ladies, don’t settle for a limp biscuit, break out a game of twister, play strip Yahtzee with your man, get your hanky-panky on and dance the ole bump-n-grind.

How to turn 40 bonus tip: Vacation sex is WAY better than travel sex!  So go somewhere awesome, do something epic, and do someone while you’re at it!

Step # 5. Eat like there’s no tomorrow

You’ve been working out hardcore for the past decade or so to combat that slowing metabolism – now you’re all buff and the stuff. But it’s time to pull yourself away from the mirror to eat some cake, knock back a few beers, wolf back a McGriddle from McDonald’s, savor a pound of messy wings and a bowl of gooey poutine for lunch, then put yourself into a meat coma with a 22 ounce Rib-eye with a side order of bacon.

How to turn 40 bonus tip: Ever want to experience the cuisine of Italy, France, or…uhh…Panama? Book an amazing trip filled with nothing but top-notch restaurants on your agenda. That’s called killing two birds with one stone – You do something epic, and you eat like there’s no tomorrow!

So how will you celebrate your next big birthday? Tell us about it in the comments below!

Now go sell all your stuff and age like a rock star (possibly like Keith Richards).


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