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Time for a Minimalist Wardrobe?

I’ve never been good at shopping for clothes. In the past, I’ve been mannequin’d more than a few times. And I don’t mean that a mannequin came to life like Kim Cattrall in the movie Mannequin (I can’t believe they made a sequel to that). I mean that I’ve purchased something because it looked good on a mannequin only to seldom wear it because, well, I’m not built like a mannequin! For that reason, I guess I’d say I’ve always had somewhat of a minimalist wardrobe.

That being said, even when we had a closet full of clothes we would purge every spring and fall. 

Did I wear this Santa high-fiving Rudolph sweater last year?

Nope – donate it!  How about your closet? Still have that “Spring Break” tank top from 1995? Clinging to some memories of your teams former glory years with that 2001 World Champions decal?

It’s okay to get rid of some clothes!

During our journey of life with less we’ve been able to considerably pare down our wears (pun/misspelling intended). Our minimalist wardrobe fits into two medium sized duffels now. Less than that, actually, as some electronic cords, hair clippers, and toiletries get tossed in there too. Living in a hot climate surely helps and we may regret ditching the large suitcase when we return north (doubt it). Lugging around a lighter load of layers and lycra has been …enlightening (get it)? But here’s a look at what we’re packing…

Our Minimalist Wardrobe:

Clothing ItemAlShelly
Shirts-tank tops & T's913
Undies (incl bras)819
Workout Shorts21
Workout Shirts31
Workout Undies2-
Total Items4464

As you can see, I’m WAY better than my wife when it comes to a minimalist wardrobe. Although to be fair, her 13 pairs of thong-undies equals about two of mine in the suitcase. And she can’t exactly go out to a nice dinner in shorts, whereas a collared shirt and pants/shorts works for me.

minimalist wardrobe
our minimalist wardrobe in 2 suitcases!

The funny thing is, I STILL don’t even wear all these clothes on a regular basis, but I know I can’t get rid of some of them. Take that pair of pants — I KNOW I’ll need them shortly. And speaking of shorts, in two years I’ve only purchased one new pair, while eliminating four pairs due to wear and tear.

Socks Suck!

Because we live in a hot climate I get to wear shorts while I work on the computer and maybe a tank top or light tee shirt. Socks are also my enemy and are only worn when working out. And until we head north, socks will continue to be by enemy (they’ll be my nemesis again in the north, I’m sure).

I no longer have a suit, but should I require one, I’ll rent one. And while I do work as a freelancer, if someday I need to go to a job interview again, I will refuse to wear a suit – clothes don’t make the man, especially when it comes to socks!

Now I don’t mean you don’t need to ever buy clothes again. If you’re clothes are falling apart at the seams, it’s probably time to hit the thrift shop for some threads. But if you’ve got a closet full of clothes you’re not wearing then take a few minutes and purge some things. And by purge I mean donate. You don’t need to go full-on “minimalist wardrobe”, but there are always people in need who could use some extra clothing, especially if you’re not wearing them, and especially if they are warm winter garments.

And as for buying new clothes, take a few minutes to think about what that money could be better spent on. Is donating $50 to The Gap a good way to save for a dream vacation?

Now go sell all your stuff and donate some clothes!



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