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Do You Want to be a House Sitter, Or a Professional House Sitter?

It’s amazing how the subject of being a Professional House Sitter intrigues people so much. People often ask us “How do I become a house sitter?” Well, do you want to be a house sitter, or a professional house sitter? Because there’s a difference.

Becoming a house sitter is easy, just say you’re a house sitter and join a house sitting site. You don’t need a dedicated course. There’s no exam or internship, although at times, you will be tested! Becoming a ‘Professional House Sitter’ is another ball game. There are tricks to getting house sits. You need to be organized and you’ll likely want to travel light. And then there’s trying to maximize your stay in a country without having to pay for accommodations. When you become a professional house sitter, you WILL be homeless at times.

Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter Book CoverI’ve detailed all of our experiences in our book; Sell All Your Stuff and Become a House Sitter.  The 2nd in the Sell All Your Stuff series. You can purchase a copy on Amazon for the bargain-basement price of just $4.99 – that’s one of the cheapest house sitting eBooks around!

The book includes everything you need to get started as a professional house sitter. Things like:

  • House sitting worksheets
  • Animal questionnaires
  • House sit checklists
  • Firsthand experience and advice
  • The biggest secret stash of house sitting gigs, some of which are paid!

Plus, you’ll learn how to sell all your stuff so you can travel light – a must for every travelling professional house sitter!

You see, my wife and I now call ourselves professional house sitters because this is what we do.  It’s a funny thing to say, to say the least. In fact, the first time I heard it was while we were enjoying pool time at a condo during one of our aforementioned house sits. We were talking with another guest and the conversation led to this dialogue:

GUEST: Oh, you live here in Panama, what do you do?
WIFE: We’re professional house sitters.
GUEST (smiling): SHUT UP!

professional house sitter image

The guest then proceeded to ask as many questions as there are Dalmatians in a popular Disney flick.

We have been house sitting in Central and North America for well over a year. Sits have ranged from beautiful homes overlooking the ocean, to rural country settings with unreliable utilities. Regardless, we treat the home as we would our own – clean and well maintained.

Having animals around is nice too. When we had to put our greyhound down back in 2012 we opted to not get another hound, mostly so we could travel. House sitting allows us to have pets again. Sure, its someone else’s pet, but that’s the best part. You get to have so many different pets with different pet personalities. I used to be impartial to cats. I didn’t love them or hate them, they were just ‘there’. Now I look forward to house sits with cats – they’re hilarious and fun to watch!

How does a professional house sitter differ from just a house sitter? Well, we do it as a career. We take pride in our applications for a house sit, the interview process, and the actual act of house sitting. It’s not just a free place to stay! This is how we live and travel. We have no ‘home base’. A house sitter may just do it occasionally to visit places but still have a home base. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with either!

If you’re looking to get started as a house sitter and want some great info on house sitting, then grab a copy of our book, just $4.99 on Amazon! You’ll laugh and learn!

And here’s an added bonus: Feel free to download our fun info-graphic below on the basics of being a professional house sitter.

Now go sell all your stuff and become a professional house sitter!


Professional House Sitter



3 thoughts on “Do You Want to be a House Sitter, Or a Professional House Sitter?”

  1. Awesome! It’s so neat that you guys have been able to housesit! We had a very nice housesit in Costa Rica and loved every minute of it! We’ve since joined a housesitting site and are always looking for new opportunities!

    1. Thanks Alyssa, it sure is a cool (and inexpensive) way to travel. I saw you guys had a post about Laguna Beach Club in Laguna de Apoyo…that’s where we are sitting now. We also visited the beach club just the other day!

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