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Why I Sold Everything to Travel the World

This post is a guest post from someone living the dream, Nicole Connolly of the Freedom Junkies. My wife Shelly was impressed with Nicole’s method of earning a living while travelling, so much so she signed up for Nicole’s Social Media Management course. And now Nicole details her life after she sold everything, quit the cubicle, and began travelling the world.

Nicole Quit the Cubicle

When I decided that I wanted to travel the world I knew I would need money to get me started. Lots of it. I sold everything I owned – car, furniture, and a lifetime worth of accumulated “junk”. It took several yard sales to get it all out there. I kept a few small boxes of personal items like photo albums but everything else went. It’s amazing how quickly funds can add up when you sell off all the stuff you no longer need – much of which you probably never really needed in the first place. This happened over a period of ten months.

By the time I was ready to leave Australia and had gotten rid of all these useless possessions I felt so light. It was like a 50-pound weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I had even more freedom! When my husband, Michael, and I set off on our big adventure of full-time travel, everything we owned fit into two suitcases. Even now, four years later, we still carry two suitcases and two carry-ons. Our life is represented by those same four pieces of luggage I have been traveling with for four years, in and out of 45 countries.

I have always been travel-obsessed so this type of lifestyle made sense to me right from the beginning. I love the freedom of coming and going whenever I choose. The freedom to leave a place that doesn’t feel quite right. Being able to visit friends all over the world whenever I feel like it is absolutely priceless. Having this amazing ability to drop whatever I’m doing at any given time and just leave is so freeing I can’t express it.

[bctt tweet=”I love my life, I love my work, and I love that I have complete control over all of it!”]

Right now I am living in the Bahamas for three months. Next is California. I love that I get to choose where I live and for how long. As for all the accoutrements of home… I don’t miss them. I used to have a lot of “stuff” in my home that was pretty or expressed some part of my personality. But to what end? No matter who bought it for me or why I kept it around, it was still just stuff. Having a home filled with things like that is great if that’s what you want. Being surrounded by things you love is anchoring. It helps remind you that you are where you want to be. For me, though, the whole world is where I want to be. Instead of being surrounded by possessions I’m surrounded by the beauty of the earth and people – and to me that is home. Instead of buying things I now spend my money on experiencing life and creating memories.

Let me ask you something. Do you really think that in 20 years you’ll look back on this time in your life and have a big smile spread across your face over a pair of shoes you have in the closet? Rather, smile about the story of those shoes…how you were in Milan when you bought them and the funniest thing happened later that day…We all need to get back to why we are here. We need to live our lives to create memories. We need to live for joy and love. Mere stuff has no meaning when you have your life experiences and shared moments. That is what truly living a freedom lifestyle is all about. Four years and 45 countries we are still living a life of adventure.

It’s pretty awesome to meet people like Nicole. Selling everything to live a life of her dreams is motivation for others. And the fact that she’s built a mini online empire teaching others how to do the same is an added bonus for not only her, but those who take her courses. Shelly has benefited greatly from Nicole’s Social Media Management course, and now Nicole is adding to her course repetoire with her  Quit the Cubicle course. Please do check it out if you’re interested in making money online – be it for a supplemental income or to eventually quit the cubicle as well.

Now go sell all your stuff and Quit the Cubicle!


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