Cross Canada Road Trip Day Three. TB to The Peg with

Canada Road Trip: Day 3 – TB to The Peg

Well that was somewhat of a boring drive, save the latter part of Ontario, which provided some picturesque lake scenery and some clear-cutting of pines and spruce trees. For the most part, the lakes were no longer frozen in this part of northern Ontario. But I wouldn’t be rushing to put the swimsuit on. Respect to the citizens that live up here, they’re probably tough as nails for being able to endure such long, cold winters. I’m such a wuss I can’t even take hot plates out of the microwave!

Day one of our road trip was quite overcast but offered lots of scenic lake views. Day two was overcast again for the most part, but offered some photo-ops with some statues and monuments. And now we hit…

Canada Road Trip: Day 3

We made our way from Ontario into Manitoba, and we didn’t actually drive into downtown Winnipeg, we took the bypass to where our hotel was, so we missed a lot of the “scenery” the Greater Winnipeg Area has to offer. Scenery like…um…well there’s…uh…the…thing…Hehe, no wonder Canada hates us Ontarians, I’m such an a$$.

But here’s something super awesome – speed limits on the Trans Canada highway in Manitoba are 110 km/hr. Nice! Suck it Ontario, with your 400 series highways and your 100 km/hr pansy-a$$ speed limits that everyone ignores and drives a steady 119 km/hr anyway.

Oh, and the gas prices were 10 cents cheaper PER LITRE! Won’t miss Ontario after all!

Canada Road Trip: Day 3 - Ontario Manitoba Border with Shell and Al from
Ontario Manitoba Border – Hazaa!

Even though the scenery wasn’t that…scenic…we did end up getting to see a Winnipeg landmark – Rae and Jerry’s, where we enjoyed dinner with some new friends; fellow blogger Deb from Tag Along Travel and her hubby, Steve. They’ve got a pretty cool gig going. Steve goes on business trips and guess what Deb does…she tags along! Sounds like a tough life, eh? I could totally enjoy that lifestyle!

Canada Road Trip: Day 3 - Rae and Jerry's steakhouse in Winnipeg with
Stick man decided to photo-bomb Shelly and Deb from Tag Along Travel

We got to talking about our trip and road trips in general, and evidently, Deb and Steve will be going on a road trip for Deb’s next Tag Along Travel trip. She admitted she isn’t a huge fan of road trips like we are, so we’re kind of eager to read about how she goes!

Canada Road Trip: Day 3 complete. Next up, the Peg to Toon Town!

Now go sell all your stuff and take a road trip!


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