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Canada Road Trip: Day 4 – The Peg to Toon Town

OMG. What an exhilarating drive from the Peg into Saskatchewan. I thought Day One and Day Two of our trip were going to be the highlight of the drive. Boy was I wrong! If you’ve never done this drive you’re completely missing out in a life-changing event. How so? We traveled back in time, man!

Canada Road Trip: Day 4

Seriously though, we left the Peg and it was 9:30 am. Eight hours later we arrived in Saskatoon. You would think that would make it 5:30, right? NOPE! Only 4:30. Yeah…now if I could have only used that hour we gained to my advantage instead of yawning and going to bed at 8:30 pm local time!

Spring in the prairies, one minute there’s snow, the next the suns in your eyes!

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Okay, the drive was pretty boring, as many people say it is. But we did get to see some small fires in a few farmer’s fields, which reminded us of dry season in Panama. And then there were the millions of ducks we saw in ponds and coulee’s across Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Other than that, not much to see or do. Although we did play a game called “Name a movie with a colour in the title”. This led to a small domestic dispute when Shelly answered “The Color of Money”, and I argued that the word “color” doesn’t count because it isn’t an actual colour.

There were a few things to see along the way though, like this guy:

Even the rocks are friendly in #Manitoba! #ExploreCanada

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And then there was this place…

Canada Road Trip: Day 4 - Driving through Kandahar
Made it out alive!

And these things…

Canada Road Trip: Day 4 - tourists in Saskatchewan
We’re such tourists.

People say you can watch your dog run away for miles in Saskatchewan. I don’t know about that, especially if you have a yellow or fawn coloured dog. you wouldn’t be able to see the poor guy in all those fields!

We now get a two week break in Saskatoon to do some house sitting and to explore Toon Town – fun!

And as luck would have it, we visited the farmer’s market and one of the vendors was a local distillery and they invited us by for a free tour…like I’m going to say ‘No’ to that!

Canada Road Trip: Day 4 complete. Next up: two weeks in Toon Town then off to Cow Town!

Now go sell all your stuff and do more stuff with less stuff!



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